The Academy is an unique and intimate restaurant in Warsaw, which beautify the traditional modernity. We serve classic Polish dishes and present day European dishes. On request, we also prepare dishes of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.
We praise the style of the greatest quality products and every day specials manager - Krzysztof Kowalski. In our view, even the most straightforward dish warrants the company is greatest glass of wine.
You shock, encourage the senses, find out and style.
Our team is a mix of extremely proficient cooks, seasoned waiter service, catering professionals and all people without whom the restaurant could not exist. Our cooks cook dinner with enthusiasm and a great love for custom.
Our Chef Polish delicacies emphasizes the European style and is not scared of any challenges - experimenting, and combines remarkably discovers mysterious.
We want that gdzie dobrze zjeść Warszawa was the two elegant and informal. We want to tempt, to seduce, to stimulate and intoxicated. And all our crew will do almost everything to make you truly feel far better with us than just great.
They tell us that the Academy is the ideal cafe in Warsaw.
We invite you to reserve a desk!

As element of the expert catering dishes Academy will take you to any area in Warsaw and bordering regions. We give you with the full assist and advice in the group of little or big events. On our help, you can rely on the situation of unique activities, enterprise and non-public.

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